Bryant Jennings vs Oscar Rivas

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Bryant Jennings vs Oscar Rivas
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Friday, January 18, 2019
Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York, USA
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Vacant WBO-NABO Heavyweight North American Title. IBF Heavyweight International Title (Jennings's 1st defence)


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Good match up.

Jennings is on a winning streak, has won 5 in a row, still has a good record, 24-2, only lost to Wladimir Klitschko and Luis Ortiz. I don't think Jennings is a good world level fighter, he was beaten by a landslide against Klitschko, and against Ortiz, he made it competitive, but wasn't ahead, wasn't winning the fight when he got stopped. Jennings has wins over Artur Szpilka, Mike Perez, so he is not bad even at world level. Jennings was in a great fight against Dimitrenko in his last fight, got up off the deck to win, which always impressive to some extent, but he was dropped against Dimitrenko, who is not bad at European level, the Parker loss makes Dimitrenko look bad, but he did make it an MD against Chambers, did win some rounds against Pulev, but still, Dimitrenko isn't a puncher. Jennings is 34, getting old, probably past his prime, but he is active, should have a fair bit left in the tank.

Rivas is 3 years younger than Jennings, he's fresher, he has the confidence of an unbeaten fighter, he should be confident of victory. This is by far the highest profile fight Rivas has been in, I don't know if this is a big step up Hubeaux, but maybe a slight step up from him, and a big step up from all his other opponents. Rivas should be out to make a statement, Jennings is Luis Ortiz's best win, if Rivas makes a statement, really impresses, he puts himself up in the 4-10 rankings.

Jennings has had one professional fight more than Rivas, but as an amateur, he didn't have 20 bouts, Rivas had a good amateur career, no comparison, was in a lot of tournaments, beat Pulev. In terms of overall experience, it is interesting, in terms of just combining general professional and amateur experience, you would have to say experience favours Rivas, but Jennings has been in against Klitschko, Ortiz, Rivas has not fought at that level as a professional.

I don't think either of these guys are punchers, but neither are none-punchers.

Jennings is 2-3 inches taller than Rivas, has 7-8 inches reach on him, but Rivas carries a lot of weight, on average, fights maybe 10lbs heavier than Jennings, he might be slightly physically stronger than Jennings, the extra weight might help him early, but as the rounds go on, it works against you, Rivas has not been below 230 since 2011, but he has been 233-234 in recent years, I think he should try to be lighter, try to get below 230, and definitely not fight above 235.

Rivas has been 10 rounds a few times, but never past 10 rounds, so if this goes into the championship rounds, that's unfamiliar territory for Rivas.

This is a good test for Rivas, he needs at least a fairly high profile fight, needs to get himself in a position to earn a shot, if him and his team have high hopes for him at world level. If Rivas is good, at world level, then he should beat Jennings, no problem, should be one sided, doesn't have to be a walk in the park throughout, probably won't be because Jennings will show up to win, but Rivas should win without trouble.

We don't know whether Rivas is a puncher or not, if he hurts Jennings early, proves he has the power to hurt him, the pressure will be on him to get the stoppage, if he never seems to have the power to trouble Jennings, then he can win, raise his stock, without needing to get the stoppage, but he should definitely win and win well. If it goes the distance, and it isn't a landslide win, then it might be fair to say Rivas isn't world level, has a padded record.

I think Rivas wins a UD, maybe 118-110 on average, I think it will be a competitive fight at times, but it will be lacklustre, Rivas will bully Jennings, will do all the clean work, keep winning the rounds, but the fight won't catch fire, Jennings will try to rally in the second half, might land a couple of decent shots and nick a round or two on work rate, and if he has it in the tank, he might be able to exploit the fact that Rivas hasn't been 12 rounds, but that will be a small factor if at all, and Rivas will win, one sided.