Bermane Stiverne vs Christopher Lovejoy

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Bermane Stiverne vs Christopher Lovejoy
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Friday, January 29, 2021
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This is a lower level fight than it looks on paper, because Lovejoy's record is padded if any record is, and Stiverne is so much worse than when he fought Arreola and Wilder, but they are well matched, with the miles and inactivity of Stiverne, and the inexperience of Lovejoy. Stiverne should be retired, he doesn't live the life, has taken a lot of damage, is old, he's likely only fighting for money, so his well being is a concern.

If Lovejoy doesn't have a good chin, Stiverne can hurt him with the first big shot he lands, Lovejoy is unlikely have good survival skill, but Stiverne might not have it in the tank to finish him. Stiverne won't carry his power past 1 round if he's as heavy as he was against Joyce, he'll gas early, Lovejoy has fought lighter as his career has gone on, and if he's light in this fight, he'll be the better athlete, his stamina will depend on his discipline outside the ring, but he's bound to gas, given he hasn't been past 3 rounds, but the early-mid rounds are his best chance to stop Stiverne, his power is untested, but if he hits hard, he'll be able to hurt Stiverne easily.

I think Lovejoy stops Stiverne in the mid rounds, I think Stiverne will go for it in the first round, he might well hurt Lovejoy if he lands clean, but he's very slow, and he'll punch himself out. I think Lovejoy will dominate after the first round, and stop Stiverne in 4 or 5 rounds.