Artem Dalakian vs Sirichai Thaiyen

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Artem Dalakian vs Sirichai Thaiyen
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Sunday, June 17, 2018
Parkovy Convention Centre, Kiev, Ukraine
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WBA Flyweight World Title


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Good match.

Artem Dalakian is a new world champion, he is good, he has proven that, he did well to not only beat Brian Viloria, but beat him so one sided as well. I didn't expect Dalakian to beat Viloria, but he proved me wrong, won that fight, but now he is champion, now he is in the mix with the other champions, guys who are in the same class as Viloria, but in their primes, so he has a lot to prove. Dalakian is 30, that's not young at all for a flyweight, so he doesn't have time on his side, but he should have a few big fights in him before he starts to decline, because he is probably a fresh fighter who's career hasn't really got going yet.

Sirichai Thaiyen is a good fighter, 50-3, good record, and plenty of professional boxing experience for a 27 year old! He has had one world title fight, that was against Juan Carlos Reveco, in 2014 he dropped Reveco, did well, for a certain amount of time, but he did get stopped in 5, apart from the Reveco loss, and two very early losses, he has won all his fights, he has 50 wins, but none at a high level relative to world level contention, Thaiyen os no bum beater, he has won Youth world title fights, PABA title fights, even Interim world title fights, but, very few of the guys he has beaten are half-decent world class fighters, and most of his last 6 fights were 6 round scheduled fights, although another way of looking at that, is a young fighter who has fought for a world title and done ok on his way to defeat, keeping busy and fighting often, although, he didn't go past 5 against Reveco, and his opposition, recently, has been very poor.

Thaiyen has a chance, he is younger than Dalakian, and more experienced, good combination, so I can see why some people might think he'll win this fight, but I just think there is a difference in class, I think Dalakian's competition recently has been much better than that of Thaiyen, especially with the Viloria win, and I think Dalakian, really, the better fighter, much more skilled fighter of the two. The challenger might have power on his side, possibly, and he does have a shot, I think he will make it a good fight, make it tough for the champion, but I think Dalakian is the higher calibre boxer, and he will win the fight conclusively.

I think Dalakian, UD.

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Here's a stream for anyone who wants to watch live, card starts in about 3 and a half hours.