Anthony Yarde vs Dariusz Sek

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Anthony Yarde vs Dariusz Sek
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Saturday, June 23, 2018
O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, England, UK
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WBO Light Heavyweight Inter-Continental Title. WBO Light Heavyweight European Title


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Champion97's picture


Decent match.

Anthony Yarde is a dangerous, athleteic, explosive fighter, he seems to be very tough, and to have a lot of talent. At European level, Yarde is seeming to have no problems, he seems to be very strong at the weight, he seems like a solid ring bully, who can fight on the inside, take a toll very early, and do enough damage to finish guys off emphatically. At world level, we don't know how Yarde would fare, we don't know whether against a leap up in opponent, he would be found wanting for skill and adaptability, and get put in his place, or whether he would only prove himself in more aspects, learn, and improve. This fight will not test Yarde for world level ability, but, it is more than just activity, it is a solid European level fight, a chance for Yarde to stay on track, stay consistent, defend his European/Inter-Continental titles, and just keep getting more experience, if he wins this one well, impresses like he did against Sjekloca, it will be another big statement, and probably a nudge further towards a world title fight.

Dariusz Sek is decent, 27-3, 31 years old, so good record, not old, and he has experience, with 33 fights on his record (3 draws). Sek is not new to fighting for an Inter-continental title, he has had two Inter-Continental title fights before, lost both, but on neither occasion was he stopped, those losses were to Robert Woge and Robin Krasniqi. Sek has fought for Polish and youth world titles, so he isn't a low level fighter, but he isn't world level either.

Sek is not a puncher, he has less than a 30% KO ratio, so it is unlikely he can discourage Yarde, unlikely he can test his chin, but at the same time, although he might not be the best at inflicting damage, his record suggests he can take it, he wouldn't be the first to be stopped for the first time, against Yarde, Sjekloca was the same, but he should have a good chin, should be able to soak up a degree of Yarde's power at least for a certain amount of time.

Sek has nothing to lose, I think he should let Yarde work hard to try to get him out of there, and if Yarde does expend a lot, if Yarde needs even a short breather, Sek has to jump all over him throw in some angles, he needs volume as a non-puncher, he is a similar size to Yarde, he probably isn't physically stronger, but he should be strong enough at 6'2, and an experienced light heavyweight, to hold his own for a fair amount of time.

I don't see Sek having much real success, he can hit Yarde early, but more so, when they open up and engage, I don't think Sek can outbox or out maneuver Yarde, and if he does let shots go, but takes shots as well, Yarde will be the one to do all the damage, and Yarde, the fresher, stronger, better offensive fighter, will be the aggressor, he'll push Sek back early, he can just take the early rounds I think, and wait for Sek to tire, wait until Sek becomes more vulnerable, more of a target, and as Sek wilts, Yarde can inlict more and more damage.

If Yarde does put a lot into the early rounds, and Sek does have an absolute granite chin, then this could be interesting, Yarde has only been the distance once, but he did go beyond 6 in his last fight, I don't think he struggles to do the rounds, although it would still be interesting to see Yarde taken into slightly tougher fight conditions against an opponent who can soak up his power. I don't think Sek will be able to take Yarde's power for that long, and in the volume Yarde punches in, the spite, accuracy as he mixes it up from head to body. I think Sek will take Yarde's punches well for 4-6 rounds, but at a certain point, Yarde will take a toll, and at some mid or late stage, I think he will stop Sek.

I'd say Yarde stops Sek in 8 rounds.