Amir Khan vs Samuel Vargas

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Amir Khan vs Samuel Vargas
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Saturday, September 8, 2018
Arena Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK
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After the layoff, if Khan wants to get back to his best, prepare himself for the likes of Terence Crawford, Errol Spence, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, he needs rounds, I think this fight will give him that. Khan, if on his way to targeting a big fight, shouldn't be criticised, but if he is planning on trying to look good in this fight, and try to make people believe he is better than Spence and Crawford because he looks good against these sort of opponents, then that is poor.

Samuel Vargas isn't doing too badly out of this, it is an opportunity, he has nothing to lose, he'll make some money, nobody expects anything from him, if he wants, he has over 2 months to not be like disgraceful, pathetic Phil Lo Greco, who ran his mouth, but ended up losing in 39 seconds, making also big mouth Khan look like a million dollars. If Vargas prepares, the Mexican way, comes to fight, this doesn't have to be a mismatch, this doesn't have to be a walk in the park for Khan, without a 1/1,000,000 mistake from Khan, or a terrible off night, I don't think Vargas can win this fight, but I think he can give his opponent a not so easy time.

Khan is obviously the favourite, he has been a world champion, he has beaten Marco Antonio Barrera, Marcos Maidana, Zab Judah, more, Vargas, well he might have a good record, 29-3, just ever so slightly better than Khan's record of 29-4, but his best wins are nothing like Khan's best wins, it is just about levels.

Vargas has slight height, age, reach advantages, I think he does have a slight size advantage, but I think even a big height and reach advantage, it wouldn't be enough, because he is a level below Khan, but, he has been much more active than Khan in recent years, another thing he has on his side, and assuming he really comes to fight, is at his best, Vargas could make this slightly competitive, but I don't think he will.

I think Khan has the far better amateur background, professional career which has a level above Vargas's he has potential on another level to Vargas, and he can beat Vargas with ease. Vargas is best known for being stopped in 4 by Errol Spence, and stopped in 7 by Danny Garcia, I saw him against Garcia, and he wasn't in the fight, didn't win a round, got well, well beaten, and stopped, no shame in that, but it shows you his level, and his wins, Vargas, ok, some of them, Armando Robles, Ali Funeka, Jussi Koivula, but these are not good world level fighters at all, Funeka might have been half decent at world level when he was in his prime, but not now, they are good wins at a certain level, but not at world level, and Khan has been more dominant in his higher level wins than Vargas has been in some of his lower level wins.

I think Khan will be a class above Vargas from the start, I don't think Vargas is a puncher, he won't really hurt Khan, will land a maximum of 2 decent shots the whole fight, and he won't land close to his best shot at all. I think the fight will be one paced, Khan will be a class above Vargas, quite easily outbox him in every single round, but never be able to take it up a notch, Vargas's desire and preparation will make him durable, he will take everything Khan hits him with, but he will have no success, and he will look like a punch bag, nothing else to it.

I think Khan wins by UD. 120-108 from all the judges.