Amir Khan vs Paul McCloskey

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Amir Khan vs Paul McCloskey
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Saturday, April 16, 2011
M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK
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Titles at Stake: 
WBA Light Welterweight World Title
Luis Pabon

Official Judging
Howard John Foster 60 - 54
Dave Parris 60 - 54
Terry O'Connor 60 - 54


The bout was halted during the sixth round after the challenger was deemed unable to continue due to a cut caused by a clash of heads. Although most who watched the fight disagreed with the stoppage

Khan started patiently against the challenger's rangy southpaw style. But Khan landed a big right at the start of the second that shook McCloskey, However McCloskey grew in confidence, and his left crosses in the third pushed Khan back. Khan stunned McCloskey breifly in round 6 and was a unanimous victor on the scorecards, with all three judges awarding him a comfortable 60-54 win. McCloskey's awkward southpaw style and reluctency to engage meant the champion did not have it all his own way and often looked amateurish in missing his punches but there was no doubt who was on top at the time of the fight's premature end. Khan in the post fight interview dismissed any talk of a rematch -Khan- "He didn't win one round. I was hurting him, I wasn't tired, and I promise you if it had gone two more rounds he would have been knocked out. "There is no point in a rematch."

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