Alexander Povetkin vs Dillian Whyte II

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Alexander Povetkin vs Dillian Whyte II
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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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This is going to be an interesting one to say the least. Obviously Dillian Whyte was winning comfortably up until the Knockout. On the other hand Povetkin showed a kind of power and ability to place the shots you don't typically find, especially at his age.

So far in his career, the uppercut has been Dillian Whyte's Krypronite, it's dropped him no less than 3 times and knocked him out twice. Given Whyte's penchant for body work, it often time leads to him leaning in and putting himself right in line for that punch. In the case of the last fight it was Whyte's poor footwork that left him out of position so that punch could land to full effect.

As far as Povetkin goes, it's always been said to beware of an old man in a career where men die young. Last fight is why people say that. He may not have the speed or reflexes he used to, but his power sure hasn't nor has his experience.

What this fight comes down to is this: will Dillian Whyte learn from what happened last time and tighten his defense? Is he maybe coming back too soon after such a nasty KO loss? Will he be as sharp?

It's Dillian Whyte's fight to lose just like last time. At age 41 Povetkin's about as good as he's ever going to be. It's going to come down to if Whyte makes a mistake and gives him the opening again.

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AJ Knight, great analysis, especially the second paragraph, Whyte has definitely proved to be susceptible to the uppercut.

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Alexander Povetkin KO6

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No one will know how the loss affected Whyte until the fight, Povetkin might have a mental edge, has the momentum, but time is against him, Whyte is young, both took a lot of damage last time, but at 41, Povetkin is more likely to get old overnight. I'm fairly confident Whyte wins this, I think he was well on his way to winning last time, Povetkin looked worse than as of recent and Whyte looked better, and I think Povetkin winning is dependent on Whyte making a mistake, because he has slow legs, he can't fight at a good pace for 12 rounds, he throws a fair bit less than in his prime, and I thought Whyte's jab neutralised him for most of the first 3 rounds. It was a great set up and shot from Povetkin, it was small mistake from Whyte, but Whyte should've positioned himself to see Povetkin's left. I don't think Whyte will make the same mistake this time as last time, Povetkin can't be written off, but I think there's more Whyte can do to win.

I don't think the early rounds will be much different to the first fight, I think Whyte will be more cautious with power shots, will throw more jabs, Povetkin will look for the right hand more than the left hook this time, but I think Whyte's jab and movement will be the difference in the early rounds. I think Povetkin will have more success in rounds 5-7, as his patience pays off, and he's able to get into range more often, I think he'll hurt Whyte, but that set up and 1 shot KO was a big ask the first time, I doubt he'll do it again, and this time, he'll fall short and walk into the jab as tries to build on hurting Whyte. I think Povetkin will be gassed after 7 rounds, he'll be very slow, will step back, that's when Whyte will throw the right hand, left hook combination, I think Whyte will be cautious, but Povetkin will be out on his feet, will need the minute, so Whyte doesn't have to take risks to build on hurting him. I think Whyte will stop Povetkin in 8 rounds.

I'd be surprised if Povetkin won this, not shocked, but I think Whyte will stop him.