Adam Kownacki vs Charles Martin

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Adam Kownacki vs Charles Martin
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Saturday, September 8, 2018
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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Kownacki seems to be a decent fighter, stopped Arur Szpilka last year, he's unbeaten in 17 fights, 14 stoppages, so he can punch. I don't think this is a great test for Kownacki.

Martin was a world champion, but he hadn't impressed me with any of his wins really, he beat Glaskov for the title, but it was questionable, Glaskov, injuring his knee. Against Joshua, Martin was terrible, no timing, no tactical preparation, wasn't in great shape, he got knocked out in 2 rounds, had no success, Joshua's first world title fight shouldn't have been so easy. Martin has had 2 fights since the Joshua loss, stopped Byron Polley (30-20) in 2, then knocked out Michael Marrone (got stopped in 2 by a 43 year old Briggs and Pianeta) in 1 round, better than nothing, good to blast them out early, but these are not good opponents at all, Martin has not been 2 full rounds in 2 and a half years, hasn't been 1 full round for 17 months, and hasn't at all fought in 14 months.

Martin hasn't been so bad in that he has win everything outside of the Joshua fight, but he is the only good fighter he has fought, and he was so awful that night, that that is all we have to go on.

I think Kownacki stops Martin in 6.